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Spot the Skyline

Guess cities from silhouetted skylines!

Guess cities from silhouetted skylines! How many of the world’s great cities can you guess by their skyline silhouette? Can you recognize all? Spot the Skyline will help you answer this question. Try your luck with some well-known and not-so-well-known cities. Guess the cities and earn coins that can be spent on hints.


  • High-quality silhouettes of city skylines from all over the world.
  • No complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun!
  • 4 types of hints to help you guess the city
  • Get free coins by watching videos
  • Ask your friends for help by sharing on social media and get free coins for it!
  • Keep track of your stats and progress
  • Purchase in-app coins to get more hints
  • Every game has a unique random order
  • A bonus is awarded when you finish every 5 cities

Minimal OS version required:
Android 7.0 and up - iOS 12.0 and up


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